Why Choose CCI

OUR VALUE IS NOT OUR BRAND: Our value is our customer. We are a diverse distributor that spans multiple business units. Our product knowledge allows us to be procurement specialists and help customers lower supply chain costs and raise the efficiency of entire projects through a combination of innovative distribution capabilities and one-stop services. Our business approach begins with a prerequisite assessment evaluation specific to client's existing process, project, timeline and expected results. Next, we measure for high performance by looking at methods to reduce cost, increase productivity and eliminate waste. Value is added through our knowledge, technology, timely delivery, quality products and services.

Our CCI Team is great! We are an entrepreneurial company that is customer-driven, market-focused, and solution-savvy, striving to deliver value, service, and results that exceed customer expectations.

Our industry experience allows us to predict and assist customers with emergencies or to look for solutions to problem areas. Our logistics system is set up to meet our customer’s top five priorities: urgent delivery needs, order fulfillment accuracy, product availability, quality and on-time delivery.

We partner with suppliers who can assist us with establishing e-Procurement relationships with our customers by offering rich content and advanced connectivity. Our supplier network is well matched to the complexity of our large customer base, SKU's and product demand variability— our strategic partners are the best in their fields. Sound companies with buying power, breadth of products and services, and the distribution networks to reach any end user.

We believe that we must make ourselves a vital part of our customers' success. Strategic investments in our business systems enable us to meet your most progressive needs. How customers procure is every bit as important as what and who they procure from. Our e-Procurement platform brings a customized value to the process.

We are committed to building long lasting relationships with our customers. We provide courteous service and knowledgeable problem solving by listening carefully to understand our customers' point of view.