Competitive Choice Is Able To Provide Facility Maintenance And MEP Services In the Following Areas:

  • HVAC
  • Chiller
  • Plumbing
  • Cooling Tower
  • Diesel Fuel Cleaning
  • Boilers
  • Chemical Cost Analysis
  • Chemical Safety Training
  • Maintenance Services
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CCI can assist you with supply management, asset management, project planning, cost analysis, safety and chemical training and employee recruitment.

  • Wastewater and Sewage Treatment
  • Industrial Cleaners and Degreasers
  • Water Treatment
  • Clog Drains / Sewer Gas Treatment
  • Odor Control Treatment
  • Winter Products
  • Janitorial and Facility Maintenance Services
  • Industrial Cleaning and Janitorial Chemicals
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Founded in 2003, Competitive Choice, Inc. is a privately held, woman-owned firm located in Houston, Texas. We are a business-to-business distributor of construction and facility maintenance supplies and specialty chemicals. We are also able to perform small to minor facility maintenance and MEP services.

We offer MEP supplies such as plumbing, valves, pumps, pipes and fittings, air conditioning and heating, electrical, safety and MRO supplies along with eco-friendly chemicals. We are also able to provide a single-source procurement vehicle for specialty contractors of new construction, renovation, and maintenance and custodial contractors. As a value added supplier and procurement solution provider, we serve as the channel between the end user and procurement personnel. Over the years we have maintained a focus on how to improve the experience of our customers.

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Our track record of success includes projects :

HYscent Stealth HYscent InVent commercial air fragrancing
How much fragrance? How much space?

Six refill ports and seven fan speeds offer the most affordable and effective solution for fragrancing large and challenging spaces. Mount the Stealth on the wall using the multidirectional wall mount (sold separately), or on the floor using the integrated flip stand which aids in directing the fragrance release towards the center of the space. The Stealth is your solution for large areas in: hotels; offices; condominiums; hospitals; nursing homes; long-term care facilities; locker rooms; large stadium restrooms and trash compactor rooms... In fact, it is your solution for any large space you can think off!

Introducing a solution for those difficult areas: high ceilings, corridors and extra large spaces

Go green and keep it simple with the HYscent InVent, an odor control device that works with your sxisting HVAC airflow. Just clip the InVent into a ceiling vent in the space you’d like to fragrance to generate airflow through the unit. In minutes, notice the leasing aroma of one of HYscent’s original fragrances. The sleek and aesthetically appealing design creates a virtually seamless appearance.

A carefully curated collection of on-trend scents that inspire and indulge with sophistication, style and beauty.
TORPEDO - Quart bottle commercial air fragrancing HYscent Dual
This odorless, liquid drain and sewer opener dissolves and liquefies fats, oils, hair and other organic matter to keep them open and free flowing. Your ‘go-to’ collection of familiar and comforting scents featuring a broad range of classic favorites to suit any mood and refresh any space. If you are looking for commercial air fragrancing you’ll find the perfect fragrance to fit our commercial fragrance diffusers. The first impression lasts and lasts with the HYscent Dual, 2 fragrances in 1 device

The modern and sleekly designed Dual can easily be wall mounted or displayed on a desktop stand as a welcome addition to a room’s decor. The ultimate solution for overcoming numb nose to the same fragrance. Use the alternating setting feature to regularly create a fresh scent. Use the dual setting to create a unique blend of two HYscent fragrances delivering your own custom aroma.