Roof inspection and maintenance are key to preventing costly issues and business downtime

Roof inspection and maintenance are key to preventing costly issues and business downtime

No matter where you are located, your building’s roof will likely need to withstand either extreme cold, wind, heat, snow, rain, or possibly a mixture of all five. The roof is one of the more vulnerable parts of your building, and if compromised, can cause detrimental and costly effects to your business. If you choose to leave issues unaddressed, a replacement can be costly. According to Forbes, the average roofing labor cost is between $1.50 and $3.00 per square foot. To replace a 10,000 square foot roof, you could be looking at a $30,000 cost. Simply replacing damaged materials such as shingles or metal can be costly, and a leak could lead to damage of the interior walls, paint and valuable equipment housed indoors.

Make roof inspection and maintenance a priority

The National Roofing Contractors Association recommends inspecting all roofs twice a year: once after the coldest weather, once after the hottest weather. (And it's always a good idea to inspect the roof following any major weather event.) Routine inspection and maintenance of your commercial roof can save companies up to 50% over the lifespan of a 30-year roof, which is significant when you compare it to replacing every 15 years.

Check for these common problems that occur on your roof

The main reason to perform an inspection is to check for issues and then determine if your current roof can still perform well for you and you do not need to consider replacing. Maintenance of a roof is to perform small repairs and preemptively mitigate any potential compromises in safety. Any findings from an inspection or maintenance performed should be well documented to track how a roof is aging and holding up to routine weather and natural forces.

The following issues can indicate a problem has occurred with your roof, hover / tap to see!

Weak seams

Any material placed around or on a roof, such as elevator shafts, scaffolding, parapet walls, or HVAC units can contribute to pressure on the seams and cause a leak that could slowly weaken a roof. If a leak occurs, water can seep in through gaps or open vents, which will ultimately cause the roof material to fail.

Flashing and Seam Failure

If you have bad drainage or standing water on your roof, the flashing and seams can fail to work properly. Flashing connects the roof to the walls and pipes of the building and is made to keep any water from flowing into the roof. Inspectors need to look for marks of corrosion or openings in seams and flashing and notify a skilled roofer to immediately repair.


Cracks on your roof surface can cause instant leaks and failures. If not repaired quickly, cracks can splinter into far larger flaws. These larger crack patterns can endanger the roof membrane and entail costly replacement. Some small cracks are able to be recoated to limit damage to the roof.


According to Neumann Construction, Blisters appear when there is trapped moisture or air beneath the layers of roofing or within the shingles themselves. As the temperature outdoors continues to rise, the pressure in these patches forces the air or moisture to expand. The asphalt will begin to weaken as a result, forming a blister on the surface of your roofing material. If a blister travels to a seam or fully breaks open, water can leak into the roof.


Parts of your roof can become detached entirely during storms with high winds or when improperly installed. Detachment will cause tears in the membrane that can ultimately lead to leaks or failure. Areas of the roof that have detached materials will need to be patched or replaced.


Since your roof’s material elements are continually exposed to the environment, flashing and metal fasteners will eventually corrode. Once these metal materials corrode, water can leas in around the seams and cause widespread roof damage.

If your inspection has found an issue with your roof’s materials, contact a knowledgeable, experienced roofer to help repair any damage. Competitive Choice offers personal protective equipment to help you safely inspect your building as well as materials for repairs and maintenance. Shop our wide range of commercial products at