Prepare Your Apartment Complex for Winter Weather

Prepare Your Apartment Complex for Winter Weather

Ice, snow, and frigid temperatures can make caring for an apartment complex more challenging. Multi-family residences require preparation to keep the cold out and ensure a safe and healthy winter season. Winterization of the building is critical before harsh weather hits, as well as regular maintenance and repairs throughout winter. When preparing your apartment complex for the cold season, keep the following tips in mind:

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Stock Up on Supplies

Having the right supplies onsite can prevent last-minute runs to the store and the frustration of out-of-stock items. Ice melt is a staple during the winter months to keep sidewalks, driveways, and other walking surfaces free of ice which could cause injury to unsuspecting residents. Keep a snow shovel accessible to use after heavy snowfalls.

Wrap Pipes Exposed to Cold

Water pipes can freeze in the winter and have the potential to rupture as the water inside expands. Wrap pipes in common areas of the building, especially those in exterior walls or colder areas of the complex. Insulative tape, self-sealing foam tubes, and other products on the market can help prevent pipes from freezing.

Seal Drafty Doors and Windows

One of the biggest culprits of lost air in apartment complexes is drafty doors and windows. Your residents may be losing warm air or allowing cold air to enter their apartments which wastes energy and leads to high utility bills. Provide weather-stripping for windows and install exterior door sweeps to prevent air from escaping.

Clear Out Gutters

Gutters located on the outside of an apartment complex can quickly accumulate dirt, leaves, and debris. Over time, this accumulation can create clogs in the gutter system and prevent rainwater and melted snow from flowing off the roof and away from the building. They can also hold a dangerous amount of snow and ice. Ensure that gutters remain clear throughout the winter.

Conduct Preventative Maintenance

Ask your complex maintenance team to conduct regular checks on the property to look for signs of damage or potential problems. Preventative maintenance can help prevent small issues from turning into more costly repairs. If damage is discovered, have it remedied as soon as possible.

Drain Hoses and Irrigation Systems

If you reside in a climate where it drops below freezing, draining garden hoses and irrigation systems is critical. Any water left in hoses or tubing can freeze and cause extensive damage. If the system has a freeze sensor, ensure that it is functional and know how to turn off the water supply as needed.

Prepare Landscaping for Cold Snaps

Trees located on the apartment complex property should also be prepared for the cold winter season. Broken trees or weak branches could pose a danger when ice begins to freeze, there are high winds, or when snow accumulates after a winter storm. Remove broken trees or branches that could potentially cause injury to residents.

Have New Insulation Installed

If residents have been complaining that their apartments are not warm enough, it may be due to a lack of insulation. Hire a professional to check the building and have new insulation installed as needed, especially around doors and windows. While heat-shrinking plastic may not provide the most aesthetic appeal, it can be quite efficient at reducing heat loss through windows.

Replace Air Filters

Your HVAC system requires year-round care to keep it working at peak capacity. It is best to replace the air filter in your furnace regularly throughout the winter season to increase the efficiency of the heating system and remove pollutants from the air that could make your residents ill.

Keep an Eye on Weather Alerts

A snowstorm can hit at any time. Keep an eye on weather reports throughout the winter season and prepare accordingly to news of upcoming winter storms. Consider establishing an emergency alert system for your residents to notify them of dangerous conditions or extreme weather.

By being proactive leading up to winter, you can help keep your apartment complex and property safe and in good condition. Find the supplies you need to prepare your building for winter weather at Shop Competitive Choice.