Common workplace restroom issues and how to address them

Common workplace restroom issues and how to address them

Unclean company bathrooms receive the most complaints in terms of facilities used by workers. They quietly yet strongly display negligence and indifference for employee comfort and satisfaction. The cleanliness of commonly shared facilities can sometimes go overlooked by business owners without any real intention of neglect. However, keeping workplace restrooms clean and well-stocked with supplies will boost health and safety while fostering loyalty and employee retention. Below is an overview of how to improve restroom hygiene to create a more pleasant experience for hardworking employees.

Corporate morale and its connection to the bathroom

Our environment is continually sending messages that are subconsciously interpreted, and a second-rate restroom can often lead to below-average performance. When the workplace is dirty or unpleasant, it is only a matter of time before employees seek out better-working environments. While poorly maintained restrooms may not be cited directly for reasons to leave a job, they do matter and can affect a business’ bottom line. Restroom maintenance plays a vital behind-the-scenes role in solidifying a positive relationship between the company and its employees.

The significance of enjoyable bathroom experiences

According to a study conducted by Kimberly Clark, the average employee visits their office bathroom three to four times per day. Additionally, over 70% of respondents reported that the state of a workplace restroom is a direct reflection of management. Employee health and comfort should be a top consideration for management. Happy and healthy employees are less likely to call off work, become unmotivated, and ultimately leave the company.

Common workplace restroom issues and solutions

Uncleanliness is a relative notion, as tolerances can differ for each person. However, it is safe to assume a bathroom that is regularly cleaned and disinfected will always be appreciated by those who use it. It is important to check that toilets, urinals, and sinks work correctly and that floors are dry, and trash is routinely emptied. The more a bathroom is used, the more likely the following issues will arise.


No matter how modern or well laid out the bathroom may look, if there is not an active effort to reduce odors, the bathroom can become unpleasant to use. Installing air fresheners can help by emitting a clean scent, but careful care should go into keeping facilities clean with products designed for high-traffic restrooms. Installing low-splash deodorizing urinal screens will keep urine from dripping onto the floor and creating bad smells.


There is nothing worse than using the restroom only to find out there are no toilet paper, soap, or hand drying materials in place to assist in personal hygiene. Business owners or managers should work with a trusted supplier to manage bulk ordering and inventory needs so that employees always have products at their disposal. Keeping extra supplies within reach in a cabinet, closet, or similar designated space in the bathroom also helps if demand for toiletries increases.


People walking in and out of the bathroom, especially if they are working outdoors, will ultimately lead to dirty floors. Keeping an all-purpose cleaner on hand that effectively disinfects surfaces as well as an enzymatic cleaning agent for organic materials is the best defense against dirty floors. A regular cleaning schedule with the proper tools and chemical supplies will significantly reduce the appearance of dirty floors and lessen the likelihood of bacteria, mold, and virus spread.

Restroom hygiene is an essential part of creating and maintaining a healthy and productive work atmosphere. Bathrooms are one of the busiest areas in most companies, and they require attention to detail, proper inventory, and well-made products to uphold a high standard of care and cleanliness. When your commonly shared bathroom is clean, odor-free, and well-stocked, you can take pride in knowing that you are providing a safe and healthy working environment.