Quality cleaning supplies | Why you should care about the products you use

Quality cleaning supplies: why you should care about the products you use?

All businesses, no matter the industry, need to clean their workplaces regularly. From spot cleaning spills and messes to routinely deep scrubbing and wiping down commonly used facilities, cleaning plays a vital role in the safety and health of both employees and customers. While deciding to invest in the labor to keep an office or worksite clean (such as hiring a commercial cleaning service) is worth considering, the quality of the cleaning supplies used is just as essential.

Purchasing low-quality cleaning supplies for the sake of saving a bit of money here and there can be tempting but will only lead to time wasted and potentially more money spent down the road when issues likely arise. When purchasing chemical cleaners for a company, business owners should seek out only the best cleaning supplies specifically designed for commercial use.

Believe it or not, quality supplies are cost-efficient

Commercial cleaning supplies are more cost-efficient long term because they can be purchased in large quantities at bulk or wholesale rates. Purchasing large amounts of chemical cleaners does require an upfront investment, however, the ratio of price to quantity of product is generally cheaper when bought in bulk, rather than purchasing and shipping individual supplies.

Seeking out concentrated chemical cleaners is also a wise choice when looking for quality products that won’t break the bank. Concentrated products need water added to them before use, meaning that when purchased, the business is only paying for the chemical itself, not added water. It is important to consider the extra time and effort required to dilute a cleaning product before use. In some instances, it may be more convenient for a company to purchase a cleaner that is ready-to-use without dilution.

They are safer for employees and customers to use

Quality cleaning materials from trusted chemical suppliers are specifically designed with the safety of both employees and customers in mind. Many “cheap” or “run of the mill” cleaning and sanitizing products contain unnecessarily harsh chemicals, scents, and colors that can irritate the skin or lungs. High-quality products sourced from reputable suppliers take health and safety into consideration when creating chemical formulas. The required amount of chemicals to safely clean or disinfect are added to each product without extra ingredients that can potentially cause health problems.

When searching for the best chemicals on the market, there are a few specifications business owners should consider. It is particularly important to make sure chemical products have safety data sheets (SDS) easily visible on the product container or hosted online. It is federally mandated that SDS provide information on the properties of each chemical; the physical, health, and environmental health hazards; protective measures; and safety precautions for handling, storing, and transporting the chemical. For companies legally required to adhere to OSHA guidelines, SDS are vital, and the use of cleaning products without SDS are prohibited.

They contribute to a healthier work environment

When compared to regular, store-bought cleaning supplies, high-quality commercial cleaning materials can be more effective in disinfecting, cleaning, and sterilizing surfaces. Increased effectiveness is due to many commercial-grade formulas being industry-specific. For example, cleaning supplies for a medical facility such as a hospital are some of the highest in strength available because medical facilities have strict cleaning standards and regulations they must meet. Alternatively, the cleaning supplies offered for small offices may provide natural, pleasant scents or green alternatives along with quality chemicals since the spread of disease and infection is far less likely.

Quality chemicals cleaners = a safe and healthy company

Choosing high-quality cleaning supplies, specifically formulated for business use should be a top priority alongside safety for any company. By selecting the best chemical products, specially formulated for the industry a business operates in ensures employee and customer health is a priority while budget requirements are met, and safety regulations are followed.