“Culture is simply a shared way of doing something with a passion.”

– Brian Chesky


As a full-service provider of specialty chemicals as well as industrial supplies, we are in a unique position to innovate in our industry. We are keenly aware of the human side of supply and service, and our diverse and collaborative team strives to make a difference in the lives of customers throughout the nation. Our mission best states our dedication to excellence: to nurture and grow sustainable relationships and create long-term value for our most valuable assets; our customers, employers, and suppliers.

The most important virtues for success at Competitive Choice are commitment to quality, thoughtfulness, respect for others, and dedication to our mission. Our talented leadership encourages growth for those who are willing to rise to the challenge, who sincerely care about those they work with, and who are committed to excellence and quality service for every task they handle. Our team isn’t just here to work and sell products. We want to make a difference and make positive changes.

We know we are successful largely due to our passionate people. One vision, many talented hands; this is what we are proud to offer to our valued customers.


In our products and business practices, so to insure continued trust and loyalty from our winning team!


Forging lasting partnerships through follow up, follow-through, and transparency.


We believe that our word is our promise, and we never break promises.


We encourage autonomy and originality. We aren’t afraid to color outside the lines, and always seek out new ideas and opportunities to accomplish the goals of our customers.

CCI A Purpose Driven Company

A Purpose Driven Company

From our inception in 2003 to the present day, we strive for excellence in each aspect of our business. We seek to distinguish ourselves through hard work and high standards of customer service. We are the company that performs, your best choice, your Competitive Choice.

CCI Competitive


We are no strangers to aiming high. The name Competitive Choice was chosen due to our goal of always striving to be better each day. We thrive on competition and believe challenges drive our growth while competition keeps us on our toes. Our competitive nature has always been and will continue to ensure we are creative and relevant.

CCI Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

We believe keeping diversity and inclusion at the forefront of our culture helps Competitive Choice grow and succeed. We are a high-performance organization with a purpose, and our diverse set of abilities differentiates us as both an employer and business partner.

CCI Sustainability


We take our carbon footprint seriously. Sustainability and responsibility are important elements of our culture. We're dedicated to implementing programs, policies, and solutions that make a difference to our partners and our communities.

CCI Partner -  No Excuses Foundation

Giving Back

We believe that as we grow, our social responsibility grows. Since our founding, charitable work and giving have been a fundamental component of our culture. To serve communities in need, Competitive Choice has partnered the No Excuses Foundation as well as other charitable organizations to help serve and give back.

"There’s no straighter road to success than exceeding expectations one day at a time.”

-Robin Crowe