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When you require a team with knowledge, accountability, and integrity, consider contracting with us to handle your needs. A focus on providing excellent service in the form of facility maintenance and janitorial assistance to facilities across the country has been a driving force since our company’s inception in 2003. Additionally, we are pleased to offer help with water treatment and HVAC chemical services, as well as plumbing chemicals, equipment, and supplies.

Water Treatment

water treatment

We offer a full range of chemical solutions for each part of your water operation. We understand proper water treatment is essential for health. Our specialists have the training to evaluate each water system for the potential of corrosion, scale, various heat transfer surfaces, and biological fouling. Chemical programs for water treatment need to be customized and treated with care. Therefore, we ensure that regular monitoring and swift adjustment recommendations of your systems will be made.

HVAC System Maintenance


To ensure your HVAC system is operating effectively and efficiently, regular upkeep is vital. An unanticipated repair to a commercial unit can be costly to manage, and preventative maintenance will help keep repairs at bay. If you find yourself in need of a new system, we can provide commercial HVAC units quickly and offer HVAC chemicals to protect your assets to ensure your company stays open for business.

Boiler and Chiller Maintenance

Boiler and Chiller Maintenance

We know comfort and temperature control are critical to the success of your business and the productivity of your staff. We are well-qualified to handle boiler and chiller maintenance and chemical solutions. From scale busters to biocides, let us maintain and update your boiler and chiller to protect you from costly downtime of equipment.



Operating a successful business requires taking care of a multitude of small tasks, including making sure your business is equipped with the right plumbing parts and supplies. From sewer gas smells to drain openers, we have the ability to supply the chemicals needed to expand the lifecycle of your plumbing equipment.

Past Federal Performance

Johnson Space Center

Multiple Award 8(a) Indefinite-Delivery, Indefinite-Quantity (IDIQ) for General Construction, Minor Projects at NASA Johnson Space Center, Ellington Field and Sonny Carter Training Facility, Houston, TX and White Sands Test Facility, Las Cruces, NM Contract No. NNJ11JB37B Contract Amt. $49,000,000.00.

Federal Dentention Center

HVAC Upgrade

Contract No. DJBP051700000013

Contract Amt. $83,000.00

Military Fort Hood

Installation of HVAC mini-splits

Contract No. W91151-16-C-0039

Contract Amt. $64,401.00

Army Corp of Engineers

Renovation and reconstruction of office

Contract No. W912HY-11-T-0017

Contract Amt. $23,000.00

Past Non-Federal Performance

Commercial Real Estate

• Renovation Buildout

• Electrical and HVAC

University of Texas

• Painting

Texas Women’s University

• Landscaping

• Painting

Harris County Hospital District

  • Fire Penetration Testing
  • Painting
  • Power Washing
  • Hardware Replacement
  • Room Remodeling
  • Concrete
  • Fencing

City of Houston

• Concrete

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