Chemicals to Clean, Sanitize, Degrease, and Disinfect Your Facility

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CCI provides custom solutions for HVAC, drains, wastewater, boiler, cooling and process water systems.

Achieve a deep clean within your business or institution with chemical solutions from Competitive Choice. As leaders in industrial and facility maintenance products, you can trust us to deliver a wide assortment of cleaning chemical solutions for drains, boilers, HVAC systems, process water systems, and more. You’ll discover products for all of your facility maintenance needs, from spill management solutions to insecticides and grounds maintenance. Our premium chemical cleaning supplies have the power to clean, wash, and degrease even the most stubborn messes.

Countless businesses rely on chemical cleaners to keep their facilities sparkling clean from floor to ceiling. From trash chutes to grease traps, dirt and debris can quickly accumulate posing serious health hazards. When dust, moisture, and various contaminants are not properly cleaned, employees and customers face the risk of illness from the spread of bacteria and exposure to fungi like mold and mildew.

At Competitive Choice, we offer an extensive selection of chemical cleaning supplies including disinfectants, enzymes, dispensing systems, industrial cleaners, degreasers, mold and mildew removers, restroom care supplies, pool care, and solutions for drains, grease traps, and wastewater. We even provide high-performance chemical treatment products and specialty additives for wastewater and sewage treatment facilities. Our customized solutions are designed to enhance efficiency and savings while meeting the unique needs of your facility. Shop our chemical cleaning solutions and enjoy amazing results.

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