How Dirty Is Your Child's School?
Find out where bacteria is located, ways to decrease the risk of getting sick, and how schools can get cleaner!
Date Created: September 5th, 2019

How Dirty Is Your Child's School?

Nearly 22 million school days are lost annually to the common cold and 38 million are lost each year to influenza. Elementary schools contract 9 to 10 cold or flu cases each school year. Having a clean, safe, and healthy school is crucial to the development of young minds.

Find out where bacteria is located, ways to decrease the risk of getting sick, and how schools can get cleaner!

How Uncleaned Restrooms Impact Your Child's School?


Students rate the condition of their school restrooms as “poor or fair”


Students say school restrooms that are poorly maintained show the school doesn’t care about its students


Students don’t use a school restroom because it’s usually dirty or smelly


Students are more likely to wash their hands when reminder signs are posted—only 34% of schools post reminder signs

Most Common Places for Bacteria

  • *Bacteria Per Inch

    Water Fountain

    Water Fountains

    2.7 Billion*

  • Cafeteria Tray

    Cafeteria Trays


  • Water Faucets

    Cold Water Faucets


  • Student Desk

    Student Desks


  • Computer Keyboard



  • Toilet Seat

    Toilet Seats



5 Tips to Decrease Chances of Getting Sick

  1. Carry hand sanitizer at all times
  2. Keep hands away from nose and mouth
  3. Practice good hand washing
  4. Hygiene education
  5. Daily Vitamins

7 Tips on How to Keep Schools Cleaner

  1. Clean restrooms more often than normal
  2. Proper cafeteria cleaning
  3. Clean doors & doorknobs regularly
  4. Reduce bad odors by installing air fresheners or purifiers
  5. Implement touch-less features
  6. Routine Maintenance to ensure properly working equipment
  7. Make sure there is a generous amount of soap and paper towels

Germ Buster

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Berry Zymes

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