Hurricane Season: Risks of Mold
Ways to Prevent & Eliminate Mold In Your Home or Business
Date Created: August 19th, 2019

mold and mildew

Hurricane Season

Ways to prevent mold during floods

Mold is everywhere; in your home, outside, and even in your business. Mold has been around millions of years and can become a problem once it reaches the place one spends a great deal of the time. What does mold look like? Who is at risk? How do you prevent mold? And how do you control it?

What Is Mold?

Mold is a type of fungus that is present almost anywhere. Some mold plays a vital role in our ecosystem, while others can be harmful. Molds thrive on moisture and exist indoors and outdoors. When mold starts growing, spores can be released into the air and inhaled. Places, where hurricanes happen, are at higher risk for mold growth. With hurricane season here, flooding becomes a significant factor of mold growth.

Health Risks

Exposure to certain types of mold affects everyone differently. Some people are very sensitive to mold. Signs to watch for are sneezing, coughing or wheezing, congestion, throat irritation, and eye irritation. Sometimes mold can produce toxic substances called mycotoxins that may be harmful to the human body.

10 Best Tips to Prevent Mold & Moisture

With high temperatures and a mixture of rainy days; humidity becomes a problem in homes and businesses.

  1. Dry damp/wet areas immediately especially for floods
  2. Add dehumidifiers around the home and business
  3. Monitor humidity indoors: Install hygrometer to keep humidity below 60%
  4. Make sure all water leaks are sealed and protected
  5. Regulating the temperature inside your home or business
  6. Open windows or turn vents on when bathing
  7. Empty air conditioning drip pans regularly
  8. Let the sun inside during the day
  9. Thoroughly dry clothing after washing them
  10. Clean and dust homes and businesses regularly

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